AdKeeper: Now Online Creative Lives Eternal

By BKV in Media Strategy on September 1st, 2011

Banner advertising is a tough business...

It ain’t easy to cajole a click through using these small formats. 

Sure, banners can animate to grab attention, but can’t always convince consumers to abandon the task at hand and dive in.

No matter how alluring the messaging, how carefully framed, these little gems are the online equivalent of small space newspaper. Only an estimated .01% of viewers take the bait and click through.

But now an ingenious service called AdKeeper lets clients “save” tantalizing banners and come back to them later.                                             

This seems good news for all concerned, especially those who create online advertising. Just like a TIVO or DVR service, AdKeeper grants consumers the luxury of dealing with intriguing ads on their time.

Selfishly, I’m excited about the additional mindshare this gives advertisers. Without the shackles of a real-time banner, we’ll have more opportunity to impress/persuade an interested prospect. And, depending on how saving behaviors are shared with advertisers, the follow up opportunities would seem limitless.

AdKeeper also warehouses popular saved ads that can be browsed through by category.


Safe to say if these ads are drawing enough attention to be “kept,” they must be doing something right, so they’re worth browsing through.

To me, AdKeeper looks a lot like progress. Hope consumers agree.