Adding Interactive Forms to Your Facebook Fan Page

By BKV in Analytics & Information on June 15th, 2010

Today, you're pretty much nobody if you're not on facebook and the same applies to your business. Creating a facebook fan page for your business, product or service and engaging with your customers is a necessary component to a successful social media strategy. While creating a facebook fan page is pretty straight forward... adding interactive components to this page can be an intimidating task. In my inaugural post, I will outline the steps to add an interactive form to your facebook fan page using FBML. 1. After creating your page, hit the "Edit Page" button. 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page in "Edit View" to the More Applications box, add "Static FBML" Facebook Fan Page Form 3. Add the "Static FBML" Application to all applicable fan pages. 4. Upon returning to the "Edit View" you will see FBML as an available application. 5. For the purposes of this post, I'll be adding a FBML Tab, but you could also add a box. Facebook Fan Page Form 6. Once the tab has been added... you may edit the contents of the tab using FBML. FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language which is a subset of HTML and is used to add advanced features to Facebook applications. Facebook Fan Page Form 7. Add your custom form code in the FBML Field. A few important things to note: If you'd like to format the look and feel of your form you may need to use css. I'm hosting a css file on my personal blog that is being used for this purpose. You'll also need a form processor script, I'm using Formmail for this purpose, again hosted on my personal blog. Facebook Fan Page Form 8. After saving your changes... you can visit your fan page and you'll see the form below! Facebook Fan Page Form Now you're able to both interact with your current and potential customers on facebook, but capture their information for use in your own CRM software. Hope that helps and please feel free to expand on this concept in the comments!