A Day in the Life at BKV

By Julie Burke in BKV News on January 5th, 2012

Like many upcoming UGA graduates...

My future is a blur. What happens after May is one big old question mark. As a double major in both Marketing and Advertising the possibilities are endless and I need all of the help I can get in order to make a decision as to what I am going to do with my life.

I recently attended an AdClub networking event and was lucky enough to win a chance to shadow Scot Prudhomme an Associate Media Director, at BKV. Winning this opportunity was such a gift and I knew that getting a chance to spend a day in an advertising agency was just what I needed.

Scot had a busy day planned for me and I was thrilled to find out that I would be meeting with a variety of people to explore their day-to-day life at BKV. As soon as I arrived, Scot gave me an overview of their business and what he does to ensure success. As a direct marketing agency, everything that is done must be backed up with numbers and dollars to prove they are running a successful campaign. Even though I am a senior and only have one more advertising class before I graduate I learned more than I could possibly imagine about interactive media (something that in my opinion gets shafted in school).  There is so much more to interactive media than I would have ever guessed. Look at Google for example, I personally use Google on an everyday basis but have been naïve to think that it is my crafty way of asking questions that get me the answers I am looking for. Little did I know that it was someone’s job to think of the exact words that I would be searching for in order to get the results that I want but also to make sure that their client is getting business from fellow Google searchers.

After getting an overview from Scot, I then got to sit in on a “vendor meeting” which consisted of an amazing breakfast and the opportunity to meet more media people. After filling up on french toast, muffins, eggs, and fruit and meeting everyone, I was already convinced that working at an agency was the life. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. You could tell that they all loved each other’s company, and breakfast or no breakfast, they all had a great time while in the office.

The next task was sitting in on a conference call, and even though I had no clue what everyone was talking about I enjoyed listening to the discussion and collaboration between everyone and could imagine myself in a similar meeting in the future.

The next person I met with was Chris Wilson, a fellow UGA grad (go dawgs!), Chris gave me a run through of how he manages the Valpak account and explained the process that he goes through in order to effectively allocate their budget so they don’t go over or under their allotted amount. Chris was very helpful with not only explaining his job but his views on the agency in general.

After a nice lunch break at Lenox mall, Stephanie Beer took me under her wing to explain what SEO is and how she has become immersed in the organic search process. While many of the things Stephanie shared with me were somewhat over my head she was beyond helpful in answering my questions. Her honesty and desire to help me was so apparent and I cannot thank her enough for helping me get to know the advertising industry in a new light.

Kristy Stengard was my next target. She works on accounts such as Dell Secureworks Security and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Kristy had the fun job of using Twitter, as well as working with Google Adwords and Facebook in order to generate impressions, followers, searches, and awareness for her accounts. Working with Kristy, I was able to see her launch a Twitter campaign and again I was shocked to see what happens behind the scenes of these websites that I use on a daily basis. Kristy even inspired me to become more active in twitter, as of right now, lets just say I am a work in progress.

After meeting with Kristy I got a chance to meet Erin Ledford in the PR department. As a recent grad herself, it was great to talk to her about how she ended up where she is and she was also happy to answer my many questions.

My final meeting was with Kali and Chelsea, both Account Executives in the Account Service Department. Talking with Kali Hanson and Chelsea Moss was great because they were able to give me a deeper look into the job of an AE. After studying abroad this past summer at Oxford University and visiting an agency in London, an Account Executive position is something that has appealed to me. Kali and Chelsea confirmed many of the opinions that I held about the role and it is something that I will definitely have to look into as I continue on the job hunt.  

My day at BKV was better than I could have ever hoped. I cannot thank Scot enough for planning everything and everyone else taking time out of their day to show me the ropes. The atmosphere was so relaxed and fun, not to mention the countless goodies (I like to think it was like that all the time but Christmas was right around the corner so that might have had something to do with it…).  BKV has so many positive, fun, and talented people that it was not only a great learning experience but I can walk away knowing that life in an advertising agency is just as  much fun as it is work. As only advertisers can do, they sold me-on their agency, their job, and their industry.     image