6 Tips for an Effective Cross-Channel Social Media Strategy

By BKV in Social Media on October 4th, 2017

A typical social media marketing plan includes communication across multiple channels. This approach allows for broad reach and a lot of promotional synergy; however, there are challenges to effective execution.

The following is a look at several key strategies and tips to help you achieve success in your cross-channel social media strategy.

Have a Pre-Defined Strategy

Before you even begin posting, put together a social media strategy that includes primary communication objectives, target audiences, and a platform utilization plan. Create a content calendar, or add social messaging to an existing one, and plan your content for at least two or three months in advance.

Understand the Audience

The proportion of social media users on multiple platforms is high, but each channel still has its own audience. Facebook remains the most universal tool, with 79 percent of all online adults using it, according to the 2016 Pew Research Social Media Update.

Beyond Facebook, you have to consider your market, though. Young women, 18 to 29 years old, are dominant on Instagram. Twitter and LinkedIn are fairly gender-balanced. LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity for B2B providers because of its professional user base. Pinterest is dominated by women across all age groups, and is much more opportune in B2C.

Stay Current On Features and Trends

Social media channels continue to evolve because of the competitive nature of the industry. To optimize your campaign execution, you must stay current on the opportunities available. Top brands are leveraging such features as live-streaming video and brand influencers, for instance. Snapchat filters have become a viable opportunity for companies of various sizes to affordably reach a marketplace with authentic content.

Incorporate Diverse Content

In addition to accessing different user bases, a primary purpose of operating on multiple social channels is executing diverse content. Some social campaigns are effective with multi-channel delivery. However, you also want to deliver precise messages that are relevant to the segment available on a given tool.

You might use Twitter to project a professional side of your brand image, but Instagram or Snapchat to offer customers a glimpse of your fun side.

Post Consistently

A common mistake in multi-channel social media marketing is spreading yourself too thin. Only set up accounts and operate on the channels that you can manage. Consistent posting is vital to attracting followers and driving engagement with your campaigns.

Evaluate Results and Adjust

Given the tall order of achieving social media success, leave nothing to chance. Track results in real-time and periodically review and revise strategies to leverage the most effective content on each channel. 


A multi-channel social media plan offers a lot of opportunities for communication success. However, you need a clear plan to reach the right people in the right places. Staying current and posting regularly are vital steps as well.

Given these challenges and the importance of social media within marketing, an expert partner helps. Let BKV be that partner for you!

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