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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Advanced Analytics Director Dr. Beverly Wright

By Jamie Russo in BKV News on February 16th, 2015

BKV is excited to welcome Dr. Beverly Wright to the team as Director of Analytics.  In this role, she will work with client teams to help discover business objectives and encourage data-driven decisions through analytics and insights.  

But Beverly is more than just an Analytics genius. Find out about this data guru and her favorite ways to pass the time.

 Advanced Analytics

Q: You are responsible for starting Freaky Fruit Friday in the BKV office. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

A: Thanks for asking! Long ago when I was about 8 years old (before I was vegan), I ate at a friend’s house and her family is from another country.  She gave me this soup with little pieces of something that – guess what – tasted like chicken.  I asked her what it was and it turned out I was eating frog legs.  Eww – sorry Kermit!

Q: We all know Advanced Analytics and Data Modeling are your passion, but when you get home from a busy day I’m sure the last thing you want to see is a dashboard full of data. How do you unwind?

A: I like to walk the paths of Peachtree City….plus, I like to write, research, talk about, or read academic articles.

Q: What are you passionate about? (Besides Analytics, of course.) 

A: I am passionate about vegetarianism.  I wish more people knew about the environmental, health, and other benefits of a non-meat lifestyle.

Q: Atlanta’s traffic is award worthy. What is your pet peeve in traffic?

A: Dude, if you missed the turn, you just missed it.  Period!  Don’t try to ruin everyone else's paths and potentially lives by backing up on the Connector,  or dashing over 7 lanes.  Just move forward and come back later – there’s another exit only a mile away! And don't get me started on last year's Snowpocalyspe.  Long story short: I slept in a parking garage at Peachtree City.  Terrible night!

Q: We all know you as Dr. Beverly Wright, but do you have any nicknames? Maybe B. Wrizzle or B. Dogg?

A: Doc B-Dub is what my students used to call me.  It kind of stuck, and now I have former clients and two former bosses that call me Doc B-Dub.  (I have a Twitter set up under that name, actually!)

Want to learn more about Beverly? Read our latest press release.

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