5 Steps to Creating a Compelling Infographic

By Leah Forsythe in Creative on July 15th, 2014

Infographics are a great way to visually present data, content & key messaging. Here are some helpful tips & tools to create your own dynamic infographic.



  1. Choose a relevant topic.

    Find a subject that is on-trend and of interest to your industry.

  2. Tell a story.

    Create a narrative with your design through subject, shape and color that a reader can follow. Give them a clear call to action.

  3. Keep it simple.

    Streamlining content and graphics will help hold the reader’s interest. An overwhelming design can be confusing and off-putting. Try to limit your content to 5-7 main points.

  4. Avoid data overload.

    Adding an abundance of charts and graphs convolutes the simple nature of an infographic.

  5. Optimize for sharing.

    Make sure your infographic is easy to share by adding social sharing links, embedding icons, tweets, etc. After all the effort you’ve put into making something great, you want to make sure people see it.

Remember, your goal is to create a visual that presents your content in a more engaging form. If you’re a little intimidated or not sure how to get started, there are several website resources that make it easy for you to create an infographic of your own using a customizable template.

Easelly is a free, go-to resource that offers thousands of customizable templates. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can upload your own background image and start from scratch.

Piktochart is another online tool that provides templates that you can make your own. It’s easy to use, intuitive and built for the non-designer. And best of all, the monthly rate is totally affordable.

Next time you’re presenting content, consider using an infographic. They’re much more engaging than a bulleted list of statistics. You’ll find the more you make them, the easier it gets.

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