5 Lessons Every Ad Agency Could Learn From Marvel’s Avengers

By BKV in Direct Marketing on May 15th, 2012

Whether your team is saving the world from a horde of green aliens, or responding to a last-minute RFP, you are the only thing standing between blockbuster success and shameful failure. So how do you galvanize stellar individuals, encourage and facilitate seamless teamwork, unite under one cause and produce superhuman results? Luckily I logged countless hours researching comic books and watching several movies …so you just have to read THIS blog!

1. KNOW YOUR ENEMY – Deadlines.
Deadlines can spell certain death for any agency, especially in our fast-paced industry. This is all about logistics and practicality. Before you can even assemble your stellar team, the battle and deadline may already be over. That being said, deadlines are like rules. Sometimes they can be bent if not utterly broken in order to facilitate your agency. Inquire and confirm.

2. KNOW YOUR SUPER POWERS – Teams and talents.
From strengths to weaknesses, even your agency’s Superman has a weakness that may hinder your team’s efficiency. Each agency has a resident creative genius, media powerhouse, account service warrior, strategic assassin, born leader, etc. Being able to identify these elite people is critical but more importantly, being able to galvanize them is the battle. Who is best for a particular job, initiative or campaign can be the deciding factor in winning an account or client. The rut that most agencies find themselves in, is by selecting the same people (over and over again)…each team should be tailored to the task at hand. So in short, you are only as good as the person picking the team.  


3. KNOW YOUR BATTLE GROUND – Competitor landscape.
Researching your competitors is obvious. Knowing your agency (inside and out) is great! Understanding and leveraging your agency’s core (differentiating) capabilities is even better. What sets you aside from your competitors and makes you appealing to prospects? What unique expertise makes your team a force to be reckoned with?

4. KNOW YOUR CONTINGENCY PLAN – When sh!t hits the fan (‘Nuff said).
Life never goes as expected, so why should your media plans? A marketing strategy can change in an instant after extrapolating on-the-ground campaign insights. You thought that those Facebook ads would generate more buzz. #EpicFail. You might not only have to optimize your initial campaign but maybe even your team. Calm seas never yield skillful sailors and in these certain situations of advertising upheaval, your team will hopefully garner a couple of war scars as well as invaluable knowledge and experience. No matter what, it’s integral to have a Plan B, C, and D. 

5. KNOW YOUR CLIENT – Soup to nuts.
This is the beginning and ending to any and all success. Whether you are pulling from research procured through social media, paid search or portfolios…your understanding of the client has to take in account: primary, secondary and tertiary research, analytics and insights. This means looking at a client in a holistic light (Creative, Account Service and Media). 

So what other factors do you feel are relevant to an advertising agency? Let us know your additions and thoughts here or @bkvadvertising!