5 Connected TV Advertising Tips You Need to Know

By Bree Roe in Media Strategy on April 17th, 2015

Are you planning on testing the waters of connected TV for your next advertising campaign? Here are five things you need to know before you jump in.

connected tv advertising tips

  1. Access to Inventory is Not the Same Across Vendors

    The term connected TV runs the gamut of smart TVs, gaming consoles, blue-ray players, and video streaming devices like Roku, Chrome and Apple TV (any device that essentially connects your TV to the internet). And while eMarketer estimates that 56% of all U.S. households are connected to the internet through their televisions, it’s important to note that many vendors are only selling a slice of that total audience. For instance, if reach is your goal, then you will want to make sure that the inventory you are buying is not limited to just one singular smart TV manufacturer (i.e. Samsung-only, or LG-only) or one device. Make sure that the vendor you ultimately choose has access to most of the connected TV inventory that is available. For example, if frequency and audience composition are important it may make more sense to buy inventory on a singular system (like Apple TV or Xbox) or even a singular app (FoxNews).

  2. You Can Reach Multiple Members of a Household at Once

    While desktop and mobile devices tend to have only a single “viewer,” connected TVs offer multiple viewers (2.6 on average). Much like buying TV, CTV ads offer access to both decision makers and influencers- within the same household, at the same time. It’s important to keep this in mind when you are developing messaging or deciding which creative to run.

  3. Targeting Capabilities are Abundant, but Scale May be an Issue

    Connected TV advertising offers the visual impact of seeing an ad on the big screen coupled with most of the targeting capabilities available on the Internet. All of the standard targeting options are available (geography, income, ethnicity, day part) and some vendors even have the ability to layer on behavioral targeting via a DMP. If targeting is important, then it becomes even more vital to choose a solid vendor with access to a large amount of inventory because, while all of this targeting is great for increasing ad relevancy, it can quickly compromise the scalability of the campaign. A solid marketing agency will help you find a balance between the two.

  4. Cross-Device Retargeting Drives Visibility and Recall

    In addition to having a television set connected to the Internet via a router, the average household has an additional 7+ devices connected to the same Wi-Fi signal. Whether it's the family desktop, mom’s laptop, dad’s cell phone, or Susie’s iPad - once these devices are identified as belonging to the same household, many vendors have the ability to offer retargeting across devices. And even more, the retargeting does not just occur within the physical location of the house but can happen when the device is being utilized remotely. Retargeting not only drives visibility and recall - it’s also a best practice for driving conversion.

  5. Tracking is Still a Work in Progress

    While campaign reporting is available and should be expected, the data points are closer to those of television than what you may be used to getting from a digital campaign. Impression delivery is the standard reported metric and some vendors will also be able to provide details on the types of households that were exposed to your ad (think household value, political affiliation, life stage, net worth, etc.) However, as more publishers introduce interactive capabilities into their apps and incentivize viewers to engage, we will soon be able to see much richer reporting in terms of the actual impact of connected TV advertising on site visits and conversions.

Connected TV is poised for huge growth and smart direct response advertisers will continuously be testing their video assets and TV spots across screens. Staying in the know is the first step to a successful campaign.

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