5 Common Challenges Facing Today’s Digital Marketers

By BKV in Digital Marketing on November 7th, 2017

Digital marketing has taken over as the preeminent mechanism for marketing communication. However, companies don't have unlimited budgets to invest in their web, mobile, social, and content strategies, no matter how promising the outcomes may look. This is where effective planning comes into play.

As you begin your digital planning, it's essential to recognize challenges that can impede your digital marketing success. The following is a look at some common digital hurdles, with insights and tips on how to navigate around them.

Online Reputation Management

Engaging in digital marketing exposes your brand to more public scrutiny. Digital content is presented in an environment that people can access 24/7, and easily share with others.

Online reputation management is a strategy for keeping up goodwill with the marketplace. Monitoring online brand mentions and social media listening are vital components in managing your reputation. Plan your messaging strategies in advance, monitor activity frequently, and have a defined approach for addressing negative comments.

Creating a Cohesive Strategy

Getting everyone in your marketing department and your company on the same page is another digital marketing challenge. The people managing your social media channels need to understand how their activities align with your content marketing goals, for instance, as well as your over-arching branding objectives. Upfront communication about goals and objectives, along with cross-departmental planning and documentation of results are vital to success.

Generating Traffic

The majority of buying activity begins with an online investigation, so getting traffic to your website is a primary goal and a challenge. In fact, a recent HubSpot survey showed that marketers believe this is the biggest obstacle they face in pushing for digital success. Thus, targeting the right prospects with relevant messages through the right channels is your best chance to attract visitors.

Capturing and Using Data

Closely tied to generating traffic is the challenge of capturing data and using it effectively. A primary benefit of digital promotion is the ease of obtaining demographic and behavioral data on visitors. With an effective software solution you can track and capture data, which allows you to identify your best prospects and find more prospects who look like these. Every category of digital marketing is improved when you can more precisely target buyers.

Keeping Up with Content and SEO

Keeping up with evolving trends is vital in digital marketing. As technology and consumer behaviors evolve, top providers find it essential to refresh their marketing strategies.

The need to anticipate what's coming next is especially important in content marketing and search engine optimization. Consumer and business buyer journeys often begin with an online search. To optimize traffic, you need to perform well in general and local search queries. Google continually updates its search algorithm in hopes of providing the best user experience, so aligning your approach with Google's will drive SEO success.


These are just a few of the critical challenges facing digital marketers today. Recognizing and developing strategies to overcome these challenges will help ensure the success of your digital marketing program, your sales and your ROI. 

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