4 Ways to Leverage Google Plus for SEO Benefits

By Greg Lee in SEO on October 29th, 2012

Greg Lee, BKV’s SEO Manager sat down to discuss the top four ways to leverage Google+ for successful SEO benefits. 1. Google +1 Buttons:  Break your content into portable, sharable nuggets, and implement Google +1 buttons on your site.  Blogs can give you a head start in this area, but there may be more opportunity throughout your website.  It’s a matter of looking at your content, identifying “sticky” items that your visitors may feel compelled to share and recoding those areas so items can be housed on a unique URL and shared individually. 2. SEO Keyword Strategy: Develop a keyword strategy and optimize pieces of content accordingly. The optimized content will grow your website authority in Google’s eyes, while creating keyword relevant seeds that will point SEO rich links back to your website when they get shared. 3. Create a Google Plus Business Page: A Google Plus business page can increase your brand’s real estate within Google search results.  When setting up your page, remember to completely fill out the “About” section with your targeted keywords and website URL.  Then, promote your G+ page by adding the G+ badge on your website homepage, blog, email newsletters, etc. to grow the community. Once you have completed populating your page and you have linked it to your website, reach out to your Google Adwords representative to verify your page.
4. Plant the First SEO/Social Media Seeds:  With your keyword optimized sharable content ready to go and your Google Plus Business Page in place, go ahead and toot your own horn (a little).  Share your website content on your personal Google Plus account to give it the first little push of a social SEO signal.  Begin posting on your Google Plus Business Page as well.  Using common sensibility, create a diverse mix of posts that you think your market would find interesting. As you generate new content on your website, share it on your Google Plus business page.  Just be sure to keep your activity varied, so your G+ page feed doesn’t look like a steady stream of the same stuff.