4 Tips for Growing Your Non-Profit Email List

By Rachael Strang in Non-Profit on March 7th, 2014

Growing your non-profit’s email list is key for increasing and engaging your audience. Check out our 4 tips below to get the most out of your email acquisition.


1. Start with Crafting your Offer

Just as you would when asking for a donation with your fundraising appeals, be specific and persuasive when asking donors to share their email address. Instead of urging donors to “sign up for newsletters” or vaguely suggesting you to “keep in touch,” let your donors know the valuable content they can look forward to in your emails. Keep in mind WHY someone would want to subscribe to your email marketing campaigns - to get a behind the scenes look into your organization? To learn more ways to be involved with your cause? To see first-hand the impact their donation dollars are making? The American Red Cross provides a good example; the below call-to-action clearly communicates the value their donor will receive by signing up.


2. Utilize your Current Digital Space

Once your offer is ready, make sure your website is set up to capture email addresses. Your website should be one of the first places to start acquiring email addresses; don’t miss the opportunity to further engage those already showing interest in your organization! Also look to your current social platforms and try using social posts to encourage email sign-ups. Check out the post below from Feeding America. They do a great job letting users know what to expect by subscribing and include the link in the post for more information.


3. Keep it Simple

Make it as easy as possible for your donors to sign up. Stay away from multi-click sign up processes. Asking for more information other than email and name and hiding your call-to-action can cause you to lose sign ups. Serving a pop up to site visitors is a simple - and hard to miss - way to make your ask. Take a look at SPCA International’s great use of this tactic below.


Also, be sure to offer other opportunities across your site for visitors to sign up. An easy to locate, one-step sign up process requiring minimal donor info works best, like Sierra Club’s sign-up field.


4. Let your Donors Choose

The acquisition process doesn’t stop at the “submit” button. Offer your new email list registrant the opportunity to choose what they are interested in hearing from you, such as information on specific causes or projects within your organization, volunteer information, upcoming events, etc. By keeping the content relevant to your subscribers, they’ll be more likely to stay engaged and stay on your list. American Diabetes Association's email sign up is a great example of giving subscribers the option to choose what they want to hear from the organization. NP6   Need help with your email acquisition program? Contact our team of non-profit experts today!