3 Tips for Rising Above the Noise in an Age of Email Overwhelm

By BKV in Direct Marketing on June 8th, 2016


Email marketing has become increasingly competitive over the last few years. Nearly every major organization utilizes email to speak with customers and prospects, which means consumers have become inundated with mail. However, you can rise above the noise and avoid unsubscribes by knowing how to optimize your emails better with these simple tips.  

Optimize Your Email for Mobile

If you want your prospects to not only open your emails but also click on your links, make them as mobile-friendly as possible. Why?  Because recent research from Capterra shows that more than half of all email opens happen on a mobile device, and a full three-quarters of Gmail users access their email on mobile devices. 

It's easy to make your emails mobile-friendly.  

  1. Keep file sizes small. Your prospects won't wait hours for images and attachments to show up; they'll just delete and move on.
  2. Speaking of images, make sure yours are responsive. They should re-size and re-position themselves based on the user's screen size.
  3. Make buttons large enough to allow your reader to easily see and tap them on mobile screens.
  4. Make all text responsive so it will adjust itself to fit the screen. You can always use an email service that has responsive templates, which will cut down on some of the leg work.

Personalize Your Emails

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Recent studies show that personalized email subjects and greetings are opened almost 30 percent more often than generic messages. Additionally, personalizing your emails can result in up to 41 percent higher click-through rates (CTRs). If you're intimidated by the idea of personalization, have no fear. It's easy to add the recipient's name to the subject line, the greeting, and elsewhere in the text.

Choose an email service that allows you to insert personalized greetings automatically through shortcodes. That way, you don't have to worry about any manual work -- the software will handle the heavy lifting. Another asset is your creative and development team.  Work with a team that has experience creating the kinds of personalized email campaigns, and he know-how to improve all of your key metrics.

Set the Tone in Your Subject Line

You have a better shot of elevating your email campaign above the noise if your subject line demands attention. According to MarketingProfs, the best subject lines have fewer than 50 characters. Consider asking a question in your subject line because it might compel recipients to open the email. After all, nobody likes an unanswered question.

You can get creative with subject lines, but make sure they fit your brand. For example, if you have cultivated a sophisticated, upscale culture,  goofy or cheesy subject lines won't resonate with your audience no matter how funny or fun.  

When you pay attention to the details, your email marketing campaign becomes far more impactful and effective. 

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