3 Takeaways from SEJ Summit 2015

By Traci Hendrix in Industry News on November 30th, 2015

After eight special guest speakers and hundreds of info-rich slides, we compiled our three takeaways from the 2015 SEJ Summit in Atlanta.

Social media picture of the search engine journal summit.

Search Engine Journal continually emits useful information for marketers, and this November’s conference was no exception. At BKV, we never stop our search for the latest and greatest in industry tactics. Keeping relevant is kind of our thing. With all the information we took in at this year’s conference, here’s our quick overview of the most important strategies to take your marketing to tomorrow’s level.

1. Learn.

Managing digital data is vital to social media marketing.

(Mike King introduces multiple programs to cover technical bases, and Brent Csutoras explains the untapped value of Reddit.)

Digital data and frameworks change on a daily basis. As marketers, we need to continually expand our knowledge in order to remain thought leaders. Not only does learning keep us relevant, but it ensures our credibility. Find out who your competitors are and why they are your competitors. See how they are progressing and how you can leverage the fight for presence.

Tweet stating that competitive analysis is crucial to search engine optimization

New programs and channels, sparked interest in upcoming technology or engaging in today’s hottest topics lets our followers know we are evolving experts. With technology consistently being developed, we have to be willing to progress with it if we want to optimize experiences.

2. Be creative.

Marketing strategies that utilize human emotion can be very effective.

In today’s digital world, having stimulating visuals and sharp wording will keep you as a top tier competitor. Here’s where learning weighs in again because you have to have your listening efforts in full force if you’re going to reach your objectives. Knowing what is getting attention, like tv’s hottest shows or using humor will take your campaigns further than your designated targets.

Example of clever URL to increase website traffic.

“We are all users,” speaker Grant Simmons states, so we should market to ourselves based on our own drivers. Knowing what draws our own attention is likely the same things our audiences are attracted to, so keeping ourselves relevant will only produce wider reach.

3. Recycle.

Tweet suggesting that advertising agencies recycle blogs for more exposure.

Creating content to utilize more than once and through multiple channels can save time, resources and money. Your infographics, Katherine Griwert states, can be spread across multiple platforms over an extended amount of time. Take the stats from one infographic and turn it into a blog post, take one of the numbers and turn it into a tweet linking back to the blog, use one quote on an infographic list to turn into a social post with relevant hashtag, create an ad using one of the visuals in different sizes to reach multiple channels. This tactic will resonate over months and your website will continually receive traffic from your vocal points. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.

Example of engaging infographic to draw attention.


Grab attention and keep it by using the three takeaway tactics we learned at SEJ Summit: Learn what’s new in technical and social world, be creative enough to ensnare audiences and create content you’ll be able to reuse on multiple platforms.

Tweet suggesting the importance of continuing to learn about search engines.

From the 24 SEJ Summit takeaways, our three are aimed directly at our BKV marketing and advertising gurus to guarantee they remain grade-A gurus. Our passion for intensifying our industry education allows us to share break throughs with you and exceed our clients’ expectations. From SEO to social, we are dedicated to driving excellent performance, and we couldn’t be more excited to utilize the insights gained from this year’s SEJ conference.

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