3 Stats Prove Direct Mail Is Extremely Effective

By BKV in Direct Marketing on May 18th, 2016


Marketers and marketing agencies have driven results from direct mail for decades, and although consumers have become sensitive to "junk mail", these three statistics prove that you shouldn't discount direct mail as an effective way to promote your business.

1. Act Now: Direct Mail Beats Email in Open Rates

Businesses don't send messages with the hope that the recipients will click the "delete" button or toss the missive in the trash. They want their mail opened. As it turns out, direct mail has a leg-up on email in this regard. According to the CMO Council, 79 percent of consumers respond immediately to direct mail advertisements, while only 45 percent of email recipients do the same.

What does this mean for businesses? If you're hoping to provoke a response from consumers with your advertisements, you're more likely to land a sale by using direct mail.

Of course, your mileage will vary based on the quality of your advertisement. Using compelling calls to action and enticing images will help you convince consumers to act right away. Additionally, make sure you display your contact information (including your website URL) so recipients can connect with you however they wish.

2. Give Us a Try: Direct Mail Inspires New Prospects

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Direct mail advertising also proves effective among consumers who have never had contact with a business before. DMN3 reports that 39 percent of consumers first patronize a business because they received a direct mail advertisement. In other words, you're not just reminding your existing customers about your presence -- you're also creating new converts.

If you want your campaign to turn prospects into customers, you must establish your unique selling proposition (USP) right away. Make sure your prospects know why they should choose your business over everyone else, whether you operate a retail establishment or run a carpet-cleaning business.

3. What's Inside? Prospects Love to Get Mail

In a world where most communications are sent via digital means, people still love opening up the mailbox and carrying the bundle inside. According to a Gallup survey, 41 percent of American adults look forward to opening their mail.

Shocking as it might sound, people aren't as irritated by the piles of "junk mail" as they might seem. Whether they're glancing over a postcard-shaped flyer or ripping open an envelope, getting mail is a tactile experience that, in some ways, reminds people of opening presents or reading long letters from friends.

It's also inherently more personal than email, social media, and other methods of communication. It takes more effort to mail a letter or flyer than to fire off an email, so consumers feel valued when they receive direct mail. 

Best of all, it's a surprisingly effective channel for business-to-business marketing.  Most B2B decision-makers receive a fraction of the direct mail they received just 10 years ago.  While considerably more expensive than email, physical mail has morphed into a high impact prospecting tactic.  The very fact that email is so inexpensive, has driven a pervasiveness that causes workplace inbox bloat.  Handwritten mail is so rare in 2016, that pieces mailed to a completely new prospect will receive a high amount of consideration versus email.

If you're looking for ways to connect with a broader audience, you could do much worse than direct mail advertising. We help businesses like yours create the perfect marketing campaigns every day.

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