3 Reasons Your AdWords Quality Score Still Matters

By BKV in Digital Marketing on December 8th, 2016

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Quality Score is a ranking Google assigns to paid listings through its AdWords program. Its primary function is to negatively influence the ability of a spammy or low-quality site from achieving high search engine results placement. While some people mistakenly assume this score is no longer relevant to your paid SERP, that is not the case.

The following is a look at why Quality Score should matter to any AdWords promoter looking to optimize return on investment from SEM campaigns.

Higher Ad Rankings

Google wants to reward advertisers who generate positive results. It does so with higher ad rankings. A relatively high click-through rate on your search ads signals to Google that people believe your ad messages correctly address the question they posed in a search.

In addition to high click-through rates, Google also includes the relevance of your keyword within its ad group when issuing a Quality Score. Ad text relevance and landing page quality are also factored in. In short, when you meet the prescribed standards Google has in place to deliver relevant ad messages to users, you benefit from high placements.

Increased Traffic

Conversely, by demonstrating the value of your ad, achieving high placements and garnering click-throughs, you increase the traffic you generate from your AdWords budget. Not only that, but the quality of the traffic you get is generally high based on natural user interest in the topic and nature of your site.

AdWords investors are often trying to generate large amounts of initial traffic, or looking to grow with new landing pages or product launches. Generating quality traffic leads to higher conversion rates in the form of product inquiries, or blog or email subscriptions.

Lower Costs and Higher ROI

The formula for AdWords search placements is a bit more complicated than you might think. Many promoters falsely assume that placements are based solely on an auction-style bidding system where the top bid wins. However, the bidding function is only part of the story.

In fact, Google assigns each of your ads a QS of 1 to 10. Google's ad rank formula considers your score and bid, and generates its paid search placements. If you and a competing advertiser have the same score, the higher bidder gets higher placement. However, a lower quality score means that someone could outrank you even if you bid more.

Average Quality Score hovers around 5. If you achieve a QS of 10 for an ad, you effectively earn a 50 percent cost-per-click discount. Imagine the savings and ROI impact of consistently executing strong ads! In contrast, a score of 1 results in a roughly 400 percent CPC increase.

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Quality Score still matters, and it has a tremendous impact on the positive results you achieve with AdWords, your costs, and your return on investment. It is no easy task to understand the Quality Score formula and to develop great ads that achieve high marks. 

Working with an SEM agency like BKV to create stronger paid search campaigns provides a clear path to maximizing your search campaign and garnering that all-important high quality score. Contact us now to get started!