3 Reasons Why Basecamp is The Best for Project Management

By Sima Parekh & David Beegle in Project Management on June 4th, 2015

A successful, efficient project management team has access to an arsenal of planning and organization tools that help them reach their goals. At BKV, Basecamp is one such tool. Follow along as we highlight a few of its super powers.

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Basecamp (BC) is a web-based project management tool that was created in 2004 and has continued to develop and improve over the years.  BC helps our project managers organize, document, and hold teams accountable through the entire project cycle. While it has many different features and is constantly evolving, we are going to discuss how the following three features assist our Project Managers reach our clients' goals.


One of the first items you will notice on the project page is the ability to create or review a discussion thread (you can think of this like topics or a category). A benefit of the discussion thread is transparency on the project. Every team member can easily review what is being discussed in each topic. For instance, one thread can pertain to the Assets or Brief, while another can be dedicated to Copy or Design. This allows the team to post their progress or direct their questions and concerns to the proper individuals, which minimizes confusion between team members. As mentioned in our previous blog post, 5 Simple Project Management Skills You Need to Avoid Failure, constant communication is very important to minimize confusion in the team. Project managers create a flow that follows the company processes and organizes client information so it’s easy to communicate the status of individual deliverables to the team.

You may be thinking - “But how do you know who is in or working on what in Basecamp?”  Great question!


Everyone knows that for any project to be successful tasks must be assigned; this is where Basecamp shines. The feature of adding To-Dos allows a project manager to assign a resource to a specific task with a start and end date in mind. The estimated hours are also attached to the To-Do so the resource will know how much time they have to complete the task. Each project manager is responsible for documenting and tracking accountability for each task. Another benefit of the To-Do feature is that it allows each person to see all their assigned tasks across multiple projects. The system also sends reminders a day before the task is due so each person can manage their days appropriately.

You may be wondering -"But besides email reminders, how are individuals keeping track and holding themselves accountable of all their projects?”  That's where Profile Pages come in!


Each person assigned to a project on Basecamp has his or her own profile page. This profile page allows each person to see what projects they’re on, along with assigned To-Dos and all associated due dates. Again, this goes back to the idea of holding people accountable for their deliverables. Having the ability to review all project deliverables by date allows each person to easily manage their tasks for the week and effectively manage their time as they see fit.

Bottom line: Project Managers utilize specific tools to help with organization, documentation and accountability. Using Basecamp at BKV provides our company with the assurance that each project will run smoothly, more efficiently, and ultimately result in a happy client while minimizing the stress among the project team. Less stress equals happier resources and results in a better quality project.

While not the only tool a company can use for project management, in our experience Basecamp is an extremely effective tool that allows the project team to be on the same page while keeping track of every task associated with a project in one convenient place, and ultimately aids in delivering a client’s request successfully.  

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