2013 Employee New Year Resolutions

By BKV in Our People on January 2nd, 2013

Well, it’s that time of the year… time to begin reflecting about things you want to do or improve upon for the upcoming year, so we asked a few of our employees what they will be working towards in 2013! Paul, Management Supervisor: Most people want to resolve to be healthier.  That’s boring and sooooo 2012. You see, for 2013, I’m reaching for the stars and going to resolve to accomplish TWO things in 2013. 1)     I want to try to do a better job at not making crazy faces when my picture is being taken. You know, actually take a real, serious picture.  See exhibit A for my past inabilities. 2)     And second, I want to learn how to do the Michael Jackson “lean”, as performed in Smooth Criminal video.  See Exhibit B for inspiration. This, my friends, is called ambition.  Cheers to you and yours … … and may you also reach for the stars in 2013!    Exhibit A:    Exhibit B: Andrew, SEM Manager: All of my efforts in 2013 are going towards growing a mustache.  Donnie, Account Representative I'm hoping to compete in a competitive eating challenge before 2013 is over. Any fans I can count on being there for the first competition?  Michelle, Associate Creative Director: This year, I resolve to spend more time at the Big Kmart in Mableton, Georgia. Yes, this is the self-same Big Kmart where there was nationally publicized rioting over limited doorbuster deals on Black Friday. And while I wasn't a part of that particular demonstration, I did find myself there a several hours later in search of those giant blue Sterilite storage containers. You know, just like the ones the Pilgrims used to store their maize. So, after traipsing around the Big Kmart in Mableton with my dear husband and two-year-old for the better part of an hour, I arrived at the following conclusion: I am outrageously, impossibly, almost embarrassingly attractive. Articulate, too. My spouse is something out of Men's Health Magazine, only straight. My daughter is impeccably groomed and behaved, even while trying to poke smoked almonds down my shirt in public. We have retained the majority of our teeth. All three of us had bathed in the last 24-48 hours. While shopping, we generally refrained from shouting, sneezing on strangers, scratching our nether regions, and/or calling one another vulgar names before returning to the privacy of our car. So, by the time we shuffled back through the parking lot with our giant blue storage containers and our shirts full of almonds, I was feeling pretty puffed up. Turns out, I'm not nearly as much of a hot mess as I thought I was. You see, this is the kind of observation that comes only from getting down and going muddin' with the hoi polloi. My brother calls it Truck Stop Therapy — which is exactly what it sounds like: Feeling low? Go find the nearest interstate truck stop, pour yourself a cup of scorched coffee, sit back, and watch the unwashed, unshaven, untreated world go by for an hour. Then take another personal inventory. Dollars to donuts, you're feeling a heck of a lot better than when you came in. Because here's the deal: If you get to thinking you're just not good enough, it's time to re-examine your standards. And re-examining your standards calls for perspective. And perspective calls for a trip to the Big K. That's just, like, math. So, I invite you: When South Beach Diet inevitably gives way to the Twinkies you were saving for eBay. When a Jameson — be it Jenna or whiskey — undermines all your best intentions. When, after all your resolutions have gone by the wayside, and you suspect you put the "U" in "failure." U know where I'll be. K? Josh, Senior Account Executive I resolve to try to make more of an effort to wear real shoes to work* ...(Josh tends to sport flip-flops around the office when the weather is warm) *no promises that I keep them on all day though Becky, Project Manager: I am determined to eat more Guacamole this year! I sort of slacked off on this delicious treat in 2012.   Mark, Technical Producer, IT: I'll be taking on a healthier lifestyle in 2013. I'm planning on eating better foods, and  exercising more (the tv remote’s just not working like it used to).