2012 Holiday Ads You Can’t Miss

By BKV in Our People on December 28th, 2012

With an office full of advertising gurus, it made sense to pull them all together and see which holiday commercials caught their eye this year. Any others you’d add to the list?
Old Navy - “Twas the Jordan Knight Before Christmas” When Old Navy brought together Jordan Knight and Boyz II Men, they targeted a perfect generation of gift buyers. There was also produced a version of the commercial with Chevy Chase, but according to YouTube views, this 90’s band remix was the winner. – Karen L.
Allstate – “12 Days of Christmas Mayhem” With the success Allstate has seen with Mayhem, it was a smart advertising move to package all of the popular clips together and create a version of the 12 days of Christmas. It’s a funny commercial, and this time of year, humor stands out and grabs my attention. – Lacy M.
Tommy Hilfiger – "Feast Interrupts" Tommy Hilfiger went a little outside of the box with their holiday campaign this year, and it can be marked down as a good move. I love Vampire Weekend, the characters from this commercial look like they are straight out of The Royal Tenenbaums. The branding made me want to run to the store and buy something of theirs immediately. Nicely done, Tommy. – Katherine B.
NBA – "BIG COLOR" This commercial was incredibly creative, and while it might not have done anything for NBA’s Big Color sales it certainly caught my attention. It was fresh to see this approach to sports marketing, others should take note. – Kara V.