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About Us: Direct. Digital. Driven.

Who are we? Simple. We're 150 people (give or take) in Atlanta and Kansas City who know direct and digital marketing. I mean, really know it. Hey, we've been a direct marketing company since 1981. And since the get-go, we've stuck with the same philosophy of objective, no-nonsense, hard-numbers accountability. It's a philosophy that informs everything we do—from Consumer to B2B, Nonprofit to Digital Asset Management. A philosophy that's driven by a better, more creative, more accountable way of spending every single marketing dollar. Every. Single. Time.

At BKV, we probably look like a regular agency. Quick glance, and you'll see account people. Media people. Data virtuosos. The occasional creative sporting a tattoo of Loretta Lynn. Even a few suits wearing actual suits. But put us all together, and you'll discover a picture of passion. Passion to find out not only what works, but why.

After all, that's the question that's been driving BKV for more than 30 years. And it's what's driving us forward, too. So… enough talk. Let's get going, shall we?

Directly Involved

So our mail doesn't go to Madison Avenue. We like it that way. Because we love Kansas City and Atlanta. And it shows in our commitment to our communities. You'll find BKVers bringing Christmas to underprivileged preschoolers at Atlanta's Albert T. Mills Enrichment Center. Helping single moms break the cycle of poverty at Kansas City's Sheffield Place. Even taking up the hairiest of causes in our Beards for Babies auction for March of Dimes. After all, at BKV, community involvement is more than a priority. It's a labor of love.

BKV's Strict No-Stiffs Policy

Everyone say it together: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And if you're a dull boy, you can't be a brilliant marketer. That's why, at BKV, we adhere to a strict No-Stiffs Policy. Fun is mandatory. And we take an aggressive stance against ennui. So, if you swing by our offices late one Friday afternoon and witness a few major players engaged in a winner-take-all round of Beer Pong, please don't be alarmed. They're only following policy.


  • PRSA – Public Relations Society of America
  • BMA – Business Marketing Association
  • ICOM – International Communications Agency Network
  • AiMA - Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association
  • DMA – Direct Marketing Association