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For more than three decades, BKV has practiced and perfected our understanding of direct marketing in categories from hospitality to healthcare, and nearly everything in between. It’s taught us this: Direct marketing is essential to your marketing strategy. And the results prove it. Behind every decision we make at BKV is a commitment to no-nonsense, hard-numbers accountability. But we’re every bit as committed to the art of direct communication. It means understanding, respecting and nurturing the relationship between client and customer. It’s the smart direct marketing communication that turns a one-time sale into a long-term-customer-slash-full-fledged-brand-evangelist. And it’s the reason direct remains the driving force behind both our work, and our ethos. You’ll see it in your results. And in your ROI.

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When it comes to media, we go where the results are. After all, it’s not the channel that matters; it’s your bottom line. And there’s no denying the digital space offers more and more profitable opportunities to quantify results and optimize performance for your business. So, yes. BKV thinks outside the mailbox. Our office is chockablock with pixelsmiths, code crafters, social media mavens and SEO savants just waiting to propel your brand forward – no matter what media it calls for. See for yourself.

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Any shop that knows a Johnson Box from a hole in the ground can claim they know direct response. So, what’s so special about BKV? Simple. We have the prowess and the passion to help you generate results without compromising your brand, and build your brand without compromising your results. So, if you’re driven by a nagging need to know not only what works, but also why, talk to BKV. If you’re convinced that data’s the engine that drives your business, talk to BKV. If that little voice keeps telling you there’s a better, more creative, more accountable approach to spending your marketing dollars … well, if you’ve read this far, you know what to do.

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It’s a prestigious list. And a diverse one. Our client roster represents industries from aviation to undergarments. But they have one important thing in common: They all count on BKV to examine their unique needs, and respond with groundbreaking solutions – for record-breaking results.

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Fearless captains, steadfast navigators, benevolent dictators. These are the leaders that keep BKV moving forward. And they mean business.


At BKV, we harbor particular passion for our nonprofit clients. Our commitment to working with charities, research foundations, and humanitarian organizations began in 1981, and has yielded breakthrough ideas – from iconic DRTV spots in the early ‘80s, to some of the first nonprofit digital campaigns in the late ‘90s.

These days, we’re pioneering the application of advanced data analytics to better target donors in both media and creative executions. Our clients include some of the most respected nonprofits in the world – all relying on BKV to harness the power of their brand to maximize their fundraising results. Our nonprofit experience covers virtually every type of acquisition and retention challenge including donor acquisition, planned giving, special appeals, monthly giving/sustainer programs, renewals, retention and CRM, and more.

See examples of the rebranding work we’ve done for March of Dimes' annual March for Babies, and how we’ve used analytics to mine donor data for the American Red Cross.